Flour mixture protein calculator

It’s might have been many years since I earned my Master’s degree in Food Science and Product Development, but my passion for the science behind baking has never waned.

As you know, I absolutely love to study recipes in depth; examining interactions between ingredients and experimenting with different ratios to create the PERFECt recipe.

Lately, I’ve been playing with my croissant recipe. I recently read that Lune Croissanterie uses a targeted protein content of 12.3%, which is something I didn’t have in my pantry. What did I have: a plain flour with a protein content of 10% and a spring-wheat flour with a protein content of 13.6%.

As a result, I found myself creating an Excel table to calculate which ratio I should use in my recipe to reach a protein content of 12.3%. And I thought you might like it too.

Flour mixture protein calculator

Download here: Flour mixture protein calculator.

For recipes that require a specific protein percentage, it can be challenging to determine the correct amount of each flour to use. This is where an Excel table can be helpful, as it allows you to easily calculate the amount of each flour needed depending on their respective protein contents to achieve the desired target protein percentage.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to use the Excel table:

1. Enter the protein content of both the flours you want to use in the BLUE cells.
2. Enter the total amount of flour needed for your recipe in the “TOTAL FLOUR” GREEN cell.
3. Enter your desired final protein percentage in the “Target Protein %” YELLOW cell.
4. The Excel table will then automatically calculate the exact amount of each flour needed to reach the desired final protein percentage.

Here is a preview:

Download here: Flour mixture protein calculator.

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