Le Creuset sizes

To be used as a personal references, since I can never seem to remember which sizes I have and which are on my wish-list.
Perhaps you’ll find it useful too. X

Round cocottes|Oval cocottes
DiameterVolume Length Volume
16 cm
1.3 L23 cm2.6 L
18 cm1.8 L25 cm3.2 L
20 cm2.4 L27 cm4.1 L
22 cm3.3 L29 cm4.7 L
24 cm4.2 L31 cm6.1 L
26 cm5.3 L
28 cm6.7 L
30 cm8.4 L

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  • Aïda Zanotti
    September 28, 2017 at 6:16 PM

    Cette illustration!!! Splendide <3


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