The October mood board

01. I fell in love with this pattern from Ulrika Gustafsson’s collab with Hemtex.
02. A chandelier made of rönnbär [rowan berries]. I think I might have to make one for our kitchen table.
03. I’ve been organising our kitchen cabinets this week and wonder how functional glass jars would be; I have a few that I refill regularly, however, the whole bag/package never fits in the jar so I end up with both a jarful and a random bag/package… Do you have any good pantry tips?
04. Pumpkins for days.
05. Katerina Marchenko‘s amazingly beautiful embroideries.
06. I’ve been thinking a lot about baked apples these days. Perhaps with simple oat crumbs, or like these, with prunes, almonds and amaretto.
07. The dream kitchen (and a blog favourite too: Babes in Boyland <3)

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  • dani
    October 11, 2017 at 3:15 AM

    Oh I love all the jars!


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