The macramé coconut bird feeder

We’re in Åsen for the week. With a very limited internet connection, but this kind of thing doesn’t matter when you have for only alarm, the soft light of the sun through a forest of birches, and the mésanges‘ songs .
There are the woodpeckers too, not unlike a ticking clock.

Yes, we’ve seen many birds perched in the trees that line the forest, but mostly blåmeser [blue tits] and talgoxer [great tits].
And I wanted to find a simple way to feed them as I know for the fact that they’ll be heading north soon.

So this morning, I made a quick coconut bird feeder. Kalle was still asleep. And a loaf of sourdough bread was getting brown in the oven, later to be sliced while still warm (a guilty pleasure of mine) for breakfast.
I took the coconut that Kalle sawed last night, and some string we had in the kitchen; and really, I liked the first one I made so much, that I took some pictures to show you.


Fresh coconut flesh is ok for birds to eat, but please don’t feed them any desiccated coconut as it can be harmful.

After I took the pictures, I asked Kalle to drill a hole at the bottom of the eye-less shell, pictured here, to make sure water would drain in case of rainy weather.

You could make it way fancier, adding more strings and braiding them; but I just wanted to make something easy, fast and durable. However, I’m pretty sure, I might make more macramé holders soon, perhaps for plants.

Macramé coconut bird feeder

– a coconut – sawed in half and with holes drilled at the bottom of each half for draining purposes
– kitchen string
– hooks (optional, to attach the coconut bird feeders more easily to branches)

1. Cut 4 strings, each measuring around 60cm.

2.Group the string by 2 and make them meet in their centre.

coconut nest-3

3. Knot them together tightly.

coconut nest-4

4. Separate in four strands again and tie simple knots, around 3-4cm from the centre.

coconut nest-5

5. Place on top of one coconut half. And group two strands from different thread together, as shown above. Tie another simple knot, 3-4cm further. And repeat with the remaining strands.

coconut nest-6

coconut nest-7

coconut nest-8

coconut nest-9

coconut nest-10

6. Repeat this process one last time (or more of you have a large coconut) to that the final “line” of knots reaches the rim of the coconut half.

coconut nest-11

coconut nest-12

coconut nest-13

coconut nest-14

7. Place your macramé coconut bird feeder upright and pull the strings, trying to centre them. Make a knot. Add a hook.

coconut nest-15

coconut nest-16

coconut nest-17

8. When the birds will have eaten the coconut flesh, refill the feeder with seeds and grains of your choice.

macrame coconut bird feeder

Which birds do you have in your garden these days? Lots of love, X Fanny.


  • Ella @ lick + spoon
    April 13, 2016 at 9:43 PM

    What a beautiful and natural way to use up half a coconut! What did you do with the other half? 🙂

    • Fanny
      April 13, 2016 at 10:04 PM

      Hi Ella, I removed the flesh by baking it in the oven for 10-15 minutes so that it would loosen up, and I took it along when we went fishing this afternoon. Thankfully, we have another coconut on the counter for some coconut croissants tomorrow!
      As for the shell, I made a second bird feeder out of it! X

  • Thalia
    April 14, 2016 at 6:31 AM

    Love this idea & definitely have to try it. Xx

  • Dani
    April 20, 2016 at 1:02 AM

    What a great idea! Would also look great with succulents growing inside it once you’d of course eaten all the coconut flesh 🙂


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